Friday, March 6, 2009

Consultation Prep

Most brides find the first meeting with a Decor Stylists overwhelming; So much colour, selection and styles. You come with a vision and leave more confused than ever. So to help ease your design burden, we've put together a few tips help you prepare for your Decor Consultations.

1 At your design consultation, bring swatches and photos from magazines that inspire you.

2 When renting chair covers, ensure that they have been properly cleaned and pressed, fit properly and that they touch the floor.

3 Don’t try to match the colour of the Bridesmaids dresses to the décor. The overall idea is to compliment your colour palette.

4 Don’t limit yourself to one type of fabric. Texture is as important as colour.

5 A professional designer with a wide selection of inventory can show you a sample table of your design.

6 Ensure your centerpieces are to scale based on the size of the room & the size of the guest tables.

7 Ensure all candles are in proper glassware & that they are at least 10 hr candles.

8 When you walk into your reception room, the décor should flow and your guests should say “Wow”!

9 Can your designer provide a wide variety of references and images from the latest events.

10 Does your designer discuss key focal points in your reception room.

11. Once you've set your colours STOP WATCHING those wedding shows and READING wedding magazines. IT WILL CONFUSE YOU. Your first vision is almost always the one you end up with anyways!