Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthdays too??!

Recently WDS had the opportunity to work with Reflection events on the baptism of a beautiful baby boy. Held at La Tereza in Yaletown, together we hosted an event to remember.

Life size figurines greeted you throughout the venue

An elegant and rich dining room set the mood for a lavish feast

A playful and dramatic kids room gave ease to guests with children

Newly Classic

Many brides try to stear clear of tradional elegance but in the end revert back to their roots. While WDS strives to help brides inject trend setting designs to their perfect day, there is something so romantic about tradional reds, blacks and white.

Here, WDS helps intertwine traditional elegance with new age sophistication.

Where to put your Money

In times like these, many of brides are trying to stretch thier budget, to make the most of every dollar. While WDS may be known for their extravagent designs, we've helped some wonderful budget crunching brides.

Our goal is to help show you WHERE to BEST put your money, in all elements of design. A budget doesn't have to mean restrictions!

Below is an example of how to achieve the "wow factor" without breaking the bank.

Cluster small pieces to create a full figured accent piece

Focus on lighting to create an opulant, sophisticated atmosphere

Create a focal point for the tables through dramatic fabric choices, rather than elaborate centerpieces

Featured Wedding~ Swan e Set

It's another busy season for Swan E set and WDS! We recently featured our trade mark window treatment at a local event. For a truely mind blowing focal point, incorpoarte WDS's signature treatments.

Sophisticated Rustique

WDS had the opportunity to showcase our own "Sophisticated Rustique" Vision at a local photoshoot. For a cozy and initmate feel, WDS recommends incorporating the following ideas into your own vision.

Thanks to local photographer, Oliver Rathonyi- Reusz of Inview Images, for his creative eye and collaboration on this project.