Saturday, February 18, 2012

Giving Back

Wedding Design Studio, giving back.
Thrive Alive Foundation  Event

Hello Kim and Karlee!
Happy Valentine's Day!

I know this is long long looooong overdue, but here are some images from our La Dolce Vita Gala, that you so graciously supported!  We will be mentioning Wedding Design Studios in our upcoming e-newsletter... lots of great things happening right now for Thrive Alive Foundation - we are just starting to support our first patients! so exciting

Dear Kim and Karlee,


I just want to THANK YOU so very very much for the spectacular decor for our Gala... we were literally blown away.... everyone was blown away. You took our event to the next level, creating this beautiful, warm, sensuous environment-- a perfect vision for our event. Walter and I, along with our entire Board of Directors, and team of passionate cancer thrivers, are so deeply appreciative.... this meant the world to us. So.... we PUMPED Wedding Design Studio on stage repeatedly, as the event designer & our upcoming wedding designer :) :) :).

Kim, please pass along our thank you to you lovely husband and daughter, for their hard work and meticulous, caring spirits. It truly brings tears to my eyes to have such amazing support for our cause.

Again, thank you is not enough... but we mean it. You transformed the night for us and helped us usher in a new era for health care.

With great appreciation,