Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2010 Wedding Trends

For 2010, weddings are headed back to the basics, emphasizing the meaning of the event rather than glam and grandeur. According to Get Married, next year we'll see a return to traditional, home-town events. This may very well be a result of today's tough economy, since while couples are still getting married, budgets are slimmer and the money families have saved for weddings has oftentimes dwindled along with all of our investments. What to do? Look for ways to personalize your wedding (using DIY projects if necessary) to highlight the parts of your relationship that make it unique. Below are Get Married's Top 10 Trends for 2010:

1. Attention to detail, not drama
2. Intimate and personal at-home weddings
3. Buttercream cakes (rather than fondant)
4. Thanking your guests with thoughtful favors
5. Close-to-home weddings rather than exotic destinations
6. Monochromatic palettes, including vibrant colors, metallics and black
7. Eco-conscious weddings, and not just in appearance!
8. Integrating video on the dance floor, for a better view during the ceremony, and current day video montages
9. HD Videography
10. Hiring both professional wedding photography and videography